Manners Matter

4th Feb 2016

I spent a number of my years growing up in England. My family moved there for 2 years when I was 8 years old and I later attended boarding school for my last two years of high school. I have […]

7 Keys to Raising Successful Children

4th Feb 2016

We all want our children to be successful but what are some ingredients to success? I would choose these 7:   Be their champion One of the most powerful things a child can hear an adult say to them is […]

Time Out to Make Mistakes – HKEJ 31st Dec 2015

31st Dec 2015

Recently, social media exploded with the news of Steve Harvey’s very public and embarrassing mistake. Steve Harvey was the host of this year’s Miss Universe and the culminating moment came when everyone around the world gathered to watch the announcement […]

Time Out to Reflect – HKEJ 7th Dec 2015

17th Dec 2015

I love Christmas time and especially celebrating it in a city that is full of lights and excitement for the season. I love how everyone seems to be in a happier mood, is thinking about what to buy for others […]

Time Out for Dates – HKEJ 3rd Dec 2015

17th Dec 2015

I recently came across an article that talked about the importance of ‘dating’ your spouse. During times of courtship and dating, both parties make such intentional efforts to dress up, to engage in conversations, to update each other on life, […]

Time Out for Parents – HKEJ 19th Nov 2015

17th Dec 2015

Around the time I got married, lots of people started asking me and my husband when we would have kids (as people in Hong Kong seem to commonly do!). And we would answer them by saying that we wanted some […]

Time Out for Mums – HKEJ 5th Nov 2015

17th Dec 2015

One of my friends from Singapore messaged me out of the blue one day saying that she was coming to town and could meet up for lunch. I was expecting to see her husband and her two kids (aged 5 […]

Time Out for Kids – HKEJ 2015

17th Dec 2015

When we think of ‘time out’ for kids, we often think of it as a punishment after they have done something wrong and we send them out of the room/into their room/in a corner so that they can have ‘time […]

Love & Respect – HKEJ 17th Sep 2015

17th Sep 2015

I had the privilege of listening to a world-renowned speaker last night by the name of Michael Ramsden from the UK. He is the Director of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and he travels worldwide to speak on the topics […]

Building Friendship Bridges – HKEJ 27th Aug 2015

27th Aug 2015

During one of my recent travels, I was in a city where they were building a bridge across a wide river. I watched as brave men climbed onto tall towers that helped erect the gigantic structure that had been intricately […]