Student Testimonial: What is the Most Important Character Traits?

18th Dec 2014

I think that respect is the most important out of all the character traits. I think that people should have respect for others as well as self-respect. Even if someone doesn’t seem as important in the society as others with […]

Parents Testimonial: Amanda, Mother of Alexa

25th Aug 2014

Alexa is a big JEMS fan and she looks forward to her JEMS class every week. We are pleasantly surprised by how well the values and concepts taught at JEMS have translated into action. For example, when faced with challenges, […]

Parents Testimonial: Juliana, Mother of Isabelle

25th Aug 2014

Dear Principal Christine, It is with a heart of immense gratitude that I write this email to thank you for the wonderful experience our daughter Isabelle Joy Young (Izzy) had this summer at JEMS, and also to applaud you on […]

Parents Testimonial: Carol, Mother of Joelle

25th Aug 2014

Joelle becomes more confident in herself and in relating to others after attending JEMS. JEMS program design is age appropriate and fit into child development. At the time our family is dealing with the issue of telling lies, Joelle learnt […]

Parents Testimonial: Lynn, Mother of Nadia and Nathan

20th Aug 2014

JEMS is a little like a home away from home for my children – they feel happy and safe, as well as, enjoy every minute of their time there, to the extent that, they are sometimes reluctant to come home.  […]

Student Testimonial: Something to share by a old student, Kristen

1st Aug 2014

Dear Ms. Christine, I hope you still remember me! I was your first and second year student (2009/2010) How are you? How’s JEMS? I miss all of you dearly and I would really like to turn the clock and go […]

Parents Testimonial: Mei, Mother of Andrew

21st May 2014

The most impressive is the class puts emphasis on understanding and application.

Parents Testimonial: Ida, Mother of Yik Ka

12th Apr 2014

My son learns a lot of positive attitudes how to get along with people from JEMS. He enjoys sharing with all kinds of people. Last time, we played in the park and saw a special need big child. Although her […]

Parents Testimonial: Teresa, Mother of Oliver

11th Apr 2014

Oliver has improved his confident level after joining JEMS and now he is more open in meeting news friends and willing to share with others.

Parents Testimonial: Sophie, Mother of Grace

9th Apr 2014

Jems has helped my daughter, Grace, become more mature and more understanding of other people’s feelings. Moreover, the most obvious change that I’ve noticed in Grace is her determination in overcoming difficulties and not to give up easily. It is […]