Our Approach & Methodology

Our Approach

A unique three-part curriculum is adopted at JEMS that covers three key learning areas which are taught progressively starting with the child’s IDENTITY, onto close RELATIONSHIPS, and then the COMMUNITY.

Our Approach


JEMS Methodology

JEMS teaches based on how children learn and make lessons fun. When classes are fun, children learn better. The child-focused¬†methodology at JEMS takes students from THEORY to PRACTICE. Referencing Michele Borba’s 5-Step character teaching approach, JEMS works closely with parents in teaching and guiding students through this process of taking theory into practice.

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Teaching Tools

Lessons are taught through a variety of activities that are DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE and APPLICABLE. Activities include: Role Plays, Performances, and Technology Projects. Others include:

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Small Class Sizes

PERSONAL ATTENTION is of utmost importance at JEMS. The JEMS team values getting to know every student personally to carry out the most effective child-focused education. Small class sizes also allow for QUALITY OBSERVATION and EVALUATION on student progress.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.37.28 pm