Student Testimonial: What is the Most Important Character Traits?

18th Dec 2014
I think that respect is the most important out of all the character traits. I think that people should have respect for others as well as self-respect. Even if someone doesn’t seem as important in the society as others with higher and more respectable roles, we should still give them the same amount of respect. If you respect others, others should also respect you. Also, if you have self-respect, you will do things good for you as well as for others. It means that you will have goals and aspirations and will work towards it in a respectful manner, incorporating all the other nine traits – courage, perseverance, acceptance, obedience, generosity, creativity, kindness, trustworthiness, discipline, helpfulness, forgiveness, thankfulness, responsibility, patient, flexibility, honesty, empathy, compassion and self-control. Therefore, I think that respect is the most important trait. I will have respect by being courteous to others and treating others how I want to be treated. I will also try my best in everything I do, like being perseverant even when there are some challenges. I think that everyone should be respectful to everything, including people and other things.

 Anna, aged 12